Three centuries of tradition

The whole area of Lamezia is characterized by the presence of the olive. If you go up along the slopes of Sila and looking westwards and to the sea, the whole landscape is full of olive trees that mix each other over the plane as well as the hill.

The olive arrived here through the Greek and it spread all over the land immediately.

The olive-growing has been present in our farm since three hundred years. Many of our olives are old-centuries, above all the ones placed on the Southern side of the hill.

The olive grove covers three hundred hectares of the estate and the species is called Carolea, typical of our area. With a straight-narrow-small leaf, it produces medium sized fruits which ripen at the middle of October.

The mechanized harvest and the immediate milling in our modern oil mill allows us to obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil with an excellent organoleptic result.